“First impression is a lasting one”. Your website is often the first instance when your potential clients come in contact with your business. Make this interaction count and use it for making a positive impact on a potential client.

Today websites are a complex recipe of multiple ingredients

  • Trendy design: We all have come across websites that immediately look outdated and boring. We know a modern, beautiful and refreshing website the moment we see it. Styles keep evolving and it's important that your website looks contemporary for your business to stay more relevant. Staying in tune with with what's in vogue is something that our designers are constantly working on. They look at design trends globally and its variations with the nature of business. A website for a ladies salon will look very different from that of an architect firm.
  • Works on any device : Your potential clients could be using multiple different devices to browse your website. They will expect your website to respect the form factor of the device they are using and be responsive enough so they can browse your business easily. Our engineering team is constantly working on making this work for you even as new devices come into market frequently.
  • Animations: Slick and subtle animation, when used in a sensible way, can significantly enhance the appeal of your website creating a “wow” effect. We have a library of scripts for various different visual transition effect ready to be used for your business.
  • Multilingual:At times all your clients are not English speaking. You need to be able to render the same site in multiple languages in such a manner that the site is able to sense the language setting on the visitors’ device and display the right language. This is something we are pretty good at delivering. We work with major CMS systems and set up websites in multiple languages for your business. We may also be able to get language translations done for you depending on the language required.
  • Browser compatibility: Different browsers interpret your website code (HTML) differently. You may have noticed that some websites render differently in different browsers. While it's perfectly ok to have your website perform slightly differently across browsers, and this is because of differences if their features, it should be by design and not accident. What this means is that we, when we develop websites, know these nuances and will code the HTML slightly differently for different browsers wherever needed.
  • Payment Gateway Integration : with various options - Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Netbanking, PayPal, other wallets
  • Security: When it comes to web applications, you want your data to be extremely safe and secure. We deliver web applications that meet the requirements of information and data security. Proper authentication controls for authenticated access, authorization checks to ensure on permissible data is presented, encryption of sensitive data like credit card numbers etc. good and secure codign practices etc.
  • Integration with other applications: At times your web application will not exist in isolation, but will need to exchange data with other applications. For example, you have an ecommerce application where your customers purchase your products or services online, you will need these financial transactions to flow seamlessly into quickbooks. We deliver such integration points to make your business run with smooth efficiency.

Over the years we have developed websites to suit a variety of business needs:

Corporate Web Presence B2B and B2C Web sites Information Portals
ECommerce and shopping sites Corporate intranets Microsites
Consumer oriented direct sales sites Workflows and collaboration Social networks

In terms of technologies, we have expertise with a number of popular technologoes to deliver highly engineered and performance driven web applications.

Java, J2EE PHP Azure Coud Jersey AWS Cloud
MySQL Oracle Drupal SQL Server Word Press
Angular JS Java Script .NET, C# React
JQuery Bootstrap Joomla HTML 5/CSS 3

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