Today user experience is a given. Be it consumer application of a business / enterprise solution, users expect a well designed, intuitive and clutter free experience.

We call it consumerization of the enterprise. Our solutions are designed innovatively that lead to user delight. Our design team enjoys being part of a community of dreamers consumed with changing the human machine interaction.

Most of our UI / UX design engagements move through the following stages:


Extensive research and analysis that provides actionable outcomes.
To create effective user experience we have to understand your domain, your users, competition and your goals well. The process begins with free flowing video /audio recorded discussions. We go through all the materials collected and come up with key personas, demographics, behavioral traits and their business goals. This gives us a very good understanding of what they want out of the solution and the context with which they approach the application.

We analyse competitive products and identify areas where we can score over them. This is more of a collaborative exercise as you will already have a good handle over this. By the end of this phase we have a good grip of your business space, user profiles and competition mapping.


This phase goes deeper into customer-application interaction. Detailed user stories and scenarios and mapping customer journeys coupled with the personas and goals identified earlier lead to information architecture and interaction design. Rapid wireframes and prototypes (as may be required) are developed to give you a visual feel of the proposed experience. Once the designs are approved we take the wireframes developed by information architects and have visual designers lay them out with beautiful widgets, themes and colors for a visually stunning user interface.


Technology is our forte and we specialize in developing human centric applications. The designs feed into our technology team where we make architectural choices based on the requirements of the project and set up a framework for development. This is a quick exercise and many of the design choices are actually made in individual sprints.

  • We have skill sets across the full stack from various UI technologies like HTML 5, CSS 3, Angular, javaScript, JQuery, Charting libraries like D3, high charts etc.
  • We work with both relational (MySQL, Postgres, Oracle and SQL Server as well as no sql DBs like Mongo). We have deep understanding of each of these databases and utilize their potential better than just using them as data repositories like many others.
  • Search is such a common requirement today and users expect search to be fuzzy, intuitive, rank based, offer suggestions for auto completion and extremely fast at all this. We are masters with Elastic Search - the leader in the search space. We can set up advanced search environments with globally distributed clusters of elastic.
  • For async processing we utilize service bus and queues extensively. We are good with Hornet / Active as open source products as well as utilizing the queue offerings of both Azure and AWS.
  • API and server site coding, we usually prefer Java with JAX RS, Jersey, Jackson. However if client insists we use Node / PHP / .NET / Ruby.
  • Low latency memory stores extremely useful particularly when it comes to performance. Memcached and Redis both hosted or as a service by the cloud provider.

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