Despite all engineering efforts and processes, bugs happen.

The need for comprehensive testing cannot be over emphasized. Be it an internal employee facing application or external audience facing product - you need to have an effective QA plan.

We have excellent assurance services that brings complete peace of mind to product owners and CIOs.

We cover the entire gamut of testing services:

Functional / Regression Testing

This is an indispensable part of software development today. Before it goes live it needs to be fully and comprehensively tested. We have a well structured and scalable testing process. We can literally deploy armies of testing resources all working from well defined suite of test cases. The test cases are usually segregated by priority, which is a combination of the likelihood of error and criticality of functionality. Ones with higher priority are tested early on in the regression cycle so bugs can be caught early on in the testing cycle. We are with you assuring each stage of software delivery process:

1. Design: Prototype testing and usability analysis
2. Requirements Testing:
3. Development: Unit and integration testing at the story level
4. Release: Full regression, acceptance testing, smoke testing

Performance Testing

Poorly performing applications / products are a complete put off. Today users expect great user experience and an important part of that is performance. We take an extremely comprehensive view of this testing and offer services that cover the following aspects of performance:

1. Performance Test: This is basically to test the responsiveness, scalability, speed and stability of your application. Here we focus on determining if the user will be satisfied with the product or there is a mismatch between expectations and reality.

2. Load Test: Here we determine the throughput required to support anticipated load on the application. We further test what loads your current hardware can take and how the application responds to variations in hardware giving you visibility on how you could plan your scaling up when required. Load balancer is another artifact that is tested here and how adequately it works with your application. At times you will have functionality issues under load. These may not be detected in normal manual testing but become apparent under load.

3. Stress Test: Determine the limits that the application can be pushed. At some point the system tends to break down and data may get corrupted, frequent failures may happen. This test helps us determine the most valuable failures to plan for.

Web Services Testing

Today, increasingly web applications have a clean separation of the UI layer. With the advent of a number of javascript libraries like Angular, React etc, the server side code is exposed as a suite of RESTful APIs. We offer services to test this API layer. Like the browser based front end, this layer too is a point of failure and testing it is essential.

Mobile Application Testing

Mobiles applications, even the simpler ones, present vastly different testing challenge. Testing web applications in the lab using simulators and emulators does not work. The real world situations can be very different. All our testing is done on real devices and in connectivity conditions that are similar to target audience.

There are many facets to consider when planning an effective test strategy. Typically we look at mobile app testing from a range of angles that cover:

  • 1. Functional Testing - This is to basically ensure that the desired functionality is all there and works as expected. This works like normal web application testing wherein our teams create test cases, execute them and present you with a bug report.

  • 2. Usability Testing - Is the app really usable by the audience? We rate the usability of applications in terms of how intuitive the interface is, its layout and simplicity of workflows. The testing is carried out by individuals who are heavy users of smartphones and use popular applications day in and out. They have so many data points to compare your application against global benchmarks the findings will lead to actionable insights and deliver tangible value.

  • 3. Localization Testing - Verify the translation to native language by locals. For a set of languages, we offer testing by individuals who are natives of that geography. This adds tremendous value - as bad translations, confusing phrases and misleading notifications go a long way in ensure the failure of your app.

  • 4. Comprehensive reporting -

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