We design and create mobile apps that connect beautifully with your audience and make using them a joyous experience.

Almost all business need mobile apps. At times mobile is conceptualized first and then the web app.

We have deep expertise in all areas connected with delivering a truly “wow” user experience.

Effective Strategy

Getting it right is not easy when it comes to mobile apps. Users expect it to behave very differently from a standard web application. Navigation, content arrangement, content density, number of calls to action etc are all very different for a mobile app as compared to web.

We partner with you and invest time in understanding your domain and draw up personas and scenarios or user journeys. For each scenario we have defined success outcomes of execution. The applications information architecture and UX is designed with this input.

Often times, your app will not work in isolation. It will need to mesh with your tech landscape.We will identify points of integration, document a strategy for efficient and seamless integration.

Further, there are multiple operating systems, each with a set of versions.
We discover or work with you to understand what all you should target and cover while leaving the others unsupported.

Stellar Design

There are apps and then there are those that break convention and create an impact leading to user delight. Design takes over from where strategy left off. We lay out the requirements of IA and UX into an elegant canvas rendering. Your app will embody all the latest design trends:

Material Design: Announced by Google in 2014 - is design trend. The roots are in the concept of flat design which over the last 2 years has shifted to almost-flat or skeuominimalism.

Functional Motion: Animations not for the sake of animating something - but with a logical purpose that blends with the subject being addressed.

Scalable Typography: With multiple form factors from wearables to phablets - it's vital to use fonts effectively. The right font and style to achieve visual hierarchy between headings and para texts for example.

Diversity of Color Scheme: Material design advocates the use of vibrant colors and building visual color hierarchy within the app. This liberal use of colors will of course be validated against the strategy as some business, by their very nature, would not be a good fit for this.


Flawless Development

They say “strategy is easier than execution”. Success lies in executing the strategy and design perfectly. Rock solid development, ironclad secure coding practice, scalable design and an architecture that exploits what the target cloud has to offer is what we promise. You will seldom find our choices of technology, designs of solutions and patterns of development lacking in mature thought. We stick to a set of technologies at a time but will be masters at it from an execution standpoint

Apple Watch

It is estimated that Apple sold about 12 million watches in year one itself! Clearly this may be a sign of the times to come. With the announcement of Watch OS 3 it's become a rather hot area that you may not want to ignore.

We have been quick to understand this trend and have required skill sets to deliver high performance and engaging solutions for the Apple Watch. Here are some of the things you can do with the Apple Watch.

Tracking Health Metrics: A great number of apps are developed taking advantage of Apple watch’s capabilities to measure activity and hear rate.

Remote controlling the environment: There are so many things that you can control right from your watch and it gets even better with Siri. You can change spotify music while on the go, control home electricals and electronics.

Notifications: Use them to send reminders or alerts for specific conditions.


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