Enterprise software is a whole different ball-game. We believe, for a successful enterprise application, the following 4 parameters are critical:

This is of course apart from what is usually required from all applications - reliability, scalability and robustness.


In enterprise applications securing data and access to it is perhaps the most significant requirement. Applications developed by us are inspired by the practices advocated by Jim Manico, global board member of OWASP Foundation.

Some of the areas that we have rock solid, secure and re-usable libraries are:

  • Authentication and session management:All secure endpoints do not rely on individual developers following any discipline. It is done in a central place via aspect oriented approach. Depending on the need of the application we use session based approach or maintain no session on the server.
  • Access Control:This again is done in a central federated manner. The entities with access rules and special conditions form a core module. Changes to access permissions take effect instantly. In multi-tenant applications just a simple role based access to entities may not be sufficient instead the role may need to be qualified with further parameters that finally determine a user’s access.
  • A bunch of secure coding practices that address top OWASP security threats like Cross Site Scripting, Cross Site Request Forgery and SQL Injection
  • We come with standard practices for logging, intrumentaiton, error handling etc.

Integration with other applications:

We have delivered integration solutions that perform under extreme conditions that demand 100% uptime, real time and 0 latency. This is a solution that we developed for major international airports: Hong Kong, Heathrow, Gatwick, Oslo and Mumbai. Our solutions interfaced airport’s AODB and provided real time, bi-directional data to aircraft docking systems. The integration software is supposed to run un-monitored, 24x7 with excellent performance in a fault tolerant manner.

Ease of Use

One would argue that user delight and user experience are more for consumer(ish) applications and not enterprise users. But we believe, today, the situation is different. Enterprise users are equally demanding as they are the ones using the consumer oriented apps. They understand what a intuitive system is and expect the experience to be seamless across applications. A system that does not put this expectation on the forefront fights a bigger and often losing battle of gaining user acceptance. This then is the cause of multiple systems that are left catching dust in enterprises.

We are a product development company at heart with a very strong engineering depth. This allows us to address both enterprise architecture challenges while delivering on the last leg of user experience and delight.


We are passionate about code that is well written, well documented and follows best practices of modular structuring and design patterns. This is key in delivering maintainable code that quick to fix and costs less. Of key importance is the ease and speed with which functionality of existing code can be tweaked. Well written code really shines here, changes are so much easier and take lot less effort..

We are fairly good with development of services oriented systems that can plug into a federated service bus; at the same time we take on projects where we are called in to implement just this integration piece using any of the popular ESB’s like Mule, Tibco etc.

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