The benefits of DevOps

Companies that adopt DevOps get more done for the same spend. This is by far the chief driver for DevOps adoption.

There are usually 3 important teams connected with a software application:

  • Software Development: Their primary concern is to develop features and roll out.
  • Operation: They would like a stable system that users are familiar with and not have to grapple with glitches that crop up with releases etc.
  • Client facing teams: As you would expect, they want new functionality delivered fast in quick bursts using agile.

DevOps is an approach to reduce friction between these functional teams by using a suite of technologies / products to make the pipeline from development -> QA -> release -> feedback

  • Automated - reduce human QA and deployment activities. Continuous everything; build, integrate, QA and release
  • Easily orchestrate
  • Transparent and trackable
  • More reliable

  • Thus for the tech team:

  • Continuous software delivery

  • Lesser complexity and error prone release process

  • And for your business on the whole:

  • Faster delivery of features

  • Stable production and other environments

  • Better utilization of resources, tech team can focus on their core activity of development and innovation

  • Overall a happier and smoother environment

  • Our approach to DevOps:

  • Assessment: The engagement begins with an assessment of your current infrastructure and practices. The development pipeline, code repository and version management process.
    Based on this we identify areas where you can get the maximum benefit of DevOps, the redundant tasks that we can remove.
    The outcome of this phase is an As-Is and To-Be document that clearly states how your entire delivery and feedback pipeline will function after implementation of DevOps.

  • Execution: We set up the servers / virtual machines that will be part of your DevOps environment. DevOps is a collection of many tools. We select the ones that fit your requirement best.

  • Training: DevOps has a significant impact on your teams and requires change management. While a large part of the change management needs to come from your leadership we make the process easier by conducting detailed training programs for your teams and hand holding them in the initial stages.

  • Management: We offer to manage the release process for you as an ongoing engagement. The health of your continuous delivery pipeline is constantly monitored. You can delegate release management, deployment, server / environment setup, containers setup, maintaining existing servers etc.

Some of the technologies we work with:

Containers Docker
Continuous Integration Jenkins
Configuration Management Ansible, Chef Puppet
Build Tools Maven, Gradle, Ant
Code repository SVN, Git
Deployment Capistrano
Monitoring New Relic, Nagios, Monit

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