Are you looking at reducing your infra costs and leverage the cloud? Or you already have cloud presence but would like to effectively utilize the numerous services provided by leading cloud providers?

Whatever the reason we have a framework driven approach to plan and deliver your cloud aspirations. We also offer services to manage and run your cloud presence.

Our engagement framework usually follows the following stages:

We have deep experience with both the leading cloud providers AWS and Azure.

Lets partner with you to launch a successful cloud initiative.

Depending on the stage at which your cloud adoption program is we can work with you at some or all the phases in a typical cloud adoption life cycle.

Assessment & Planning

While cloud may promise and deliver significant benefits to enterprises - how it applies to your
business may be different. We work with your executive teams to define a business case for
cloud, clearly bringing out the economic advantages (or lack of them) for your specific case.

If we find a clear and measurable gain in cloud adoption for your company, we present a high
level plan that covers:

  • The shape that the cloud will take for your organization
  • Organizational change that will need to be managed
  • Associated costs and a measure of returns.
  • A high level timeline of milestones

As-Is and To-Be Plan

Having established a clear business case for cloud - we will next examine each of your existing business applications and plan their shape and foot print on the cloud. At this stage we will factor in applications that you are planning for development in the near term / long term. Based on these inputs we will architect your cloud presence. This includes networks, security, infrastructure, platforms and cloud services that will form part of your cloud.

Application Migration / Development

This is the execution stage. We put all the planning into action. The applications will be successively migrated to the cloud with changes as and where required. In our experience changes are most common in areas where we prefer using cloud services (PaaS) over our hosted service. For example queues or search are great platforms as a service and you may stand to gain significantly from their adoption. This may (probably will) need some tweaks to your applications.

The changes can be done by our technology teams or we work with your internal team / vendors on this. We however make all efforts to retain all investments you have made in the past and recommend changes only when the benefits far outstrip the investments made.

Dev & Cloud Ops

We offer the full suite of cloud ops services from architecting your cloud strategy to its maintenance. Our expertise with leading cloud providers helps you adopt the cloud faster and better. Specifically our suite of services includes:

Architecture: A design that meets your needs today and is also ready for tomorrow. We look at each application, its key use cases and its existing architecture before planning how it gets mapped to the cloud. At present there are more than 60-70 services available on AWS. Understanding them fully, knowing their billing and cost of ownership and being able to leverage them efficiently for your applications is a complex task that we deliver upon.

Application Performance Monitoring: Cloud based applications have many moving parts and a complex ecosystem. Monitoring their performance in real time is critical to business while failures or slack can mean losing customers. We have experience with a wide range of performance monitoring tools as well as the tools provided by AWS and Azure to effectively monitor your applications as a managed service. We base line you existing performance, monitor deviations and plan scaling up with required performance metrics.

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