We are in the business of taking messy, unorganized data and turning it into meaningful information which you can use in your business. This can be across multiple data sources and from both excels and other systems in your organisation. This to give you useful weekly / monthly / quarterly reports in tabular and graphic forms to enable understanding and presentations. .

In some cases, this can include mapping the business process itself and getting the data entered itself. When data is input into a computer, manually or automatically, both retrieval and use become obviously enhanced.
Besides standard reports we help create management dashboards for you to constantly see the key parameters that impact your business. This in a visually easy to interpret manner.

Business Processes & Information Services

We are also specialists in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) area. Essentially we can manage your non-primary business activities and functions. Our BPO services include payroll, human resources (HR), accounting and customer/call center relations.

  • Finance and Accounting Services:Tax preparation and payroll services are the most commonly outsourced services in regards to accounting. They are easy to outsource partly because they have a standardized method that any accounting professional from anywhere in the world is familiar with. They also involve a lot of paperwork which is something that many people dread. Especially in Tax seasons
  • Contact Center Services: These include telemarketing, call center services and help desks. Call centers deal with both inbound and outbound while telemarketing deals majorly with outbound calls. Contact center services also offer customer support through social media, emails and instant messaging. Besides cost cutting, organisations benefit as they save on recruiting and training costs. Again, in seasons that call for increased customer support outsourcing is a great benefit.
  • Healthcare Services: Healthcare services such as medical billing, coding, scanning, diagnostics among other healthcare activities can be outsourced.
  • Human Resource Services: It is a process where companies contract part or all of its recruitment activities to an external party. Also monthly payroll processing based on attendance is much easier when outsourced

The advent of information technologies has had a huge impact on how organizations design, implement, and support business processes. From document management systems to ERP systems, information systems are tied into organizational processes. Integrating information technology with business processes brings an organization lasting competitive advantage.

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